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Energy Efficient Homes

Along with automobiles, homes are one of the highest consumers of energy resources. Manufactured and Modular homes are designed to conserve energy while providing year round comfort. Manufactured homes are engineered to meet specific climate zone requirements identified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Modular homes are designed to meet or exceed specific provisions for thermal performance as established by the International Energy Conservation Code. When purchasing a new home, you can make an energy efficient choice by choosing an ENERGY STAR home. ENERGY STAR homes are certified through a 3rd party certification program approved by the EPA. ENERGY STAR homes are less expensive, because they use less energy for heating, cooling, and hot water heating, which lowers utility costs. ENERGY STAR homes keep out excessive heat, cold and noise. With insulation that meets or exceeds national code requirments, high performance windows, tight construction and energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, ENERGY STAR homes us less energy and help conserve the planet. But, Greenbriar Marketing has taken green energy one step farther with our PEPZE Homes. (Prefabulous Environmentally Protective Zero Energy Homes)

Energy Efficient Homes

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Complete Energy Efficient Homes that will produce all your energy needs. Choose from 3 Basic Floor Plans K-Bar Surge Protector: Regulates surges, protects appliances and save 10-15% energy consumption Insulation: 2 x 6 Outside Walls, Energy Star Compliant R Value R19 minimum Ceiling R 38 minimum Instant Hot Water elimates wasted water wating for hot to run Basements “Poured in place foam form” > 100 Square Feet
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